Ananias Roguelike


A modern twist on a traditional roguelike


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Ananias Roguelike is a game that combines traditional elements of the genre, with a much more modern interface that lets you move your character, attack, and pick up objects with just a click.

The goal in Ananias Roguelike is to descend the 25 levels that make up the main dungeon, so you can find the ring of Ananias, and transform your hero into a god. On the way you have to face more than 30 different types of monsters, that range from simple rats and skeletons, to deform creatures covered in spikes.

In the beginning of the game you can choose your characters from various classes, although only the warrior and the arcane are unlocked at first. Each one has its own abilities, as usual. Besides, you can choose a pet to carry with you (wildcat, wolf, pony, etc.). This second choice is important, because you can evolve your pet in the future.

Ananias Roguelike is very well adapted to be controlled with the mouse. It has all the ingredients that those who love the genre like: variety, difficulty, and great graphics.
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